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The software courses we provide are :

Learn C language in detail from our experts. 
Course Highlights :

  • Understanding of programming logic
  • Structured learning
  • Certified trainers
  • Practice sessions

    The list of some of the topics which we cover :

  • Implementing Loops, Array handling, Use of pointers
  • Defining & using functions, storage classes, structures in C
  • Data types, operators
  • Switch & if-else statements
  • And many more

Course Highlights : 

  • Understand algorithm building & programming with C & C++
  • Learn building blocks of programming with statements, decisions, loops, operators, expressions, arrays etc
  • Learn functions, pointers, & file handling
  • Learn concepts of OOPS (object-oriented programming) such as inheritance, polymorphism, & abstraction
  • Understand classes & objects, abstraction, inheritance & polymorphism
  • Learn & apply file handling, operator overloading & function
  • Learn data structures such as stacks, lists, queues, trees & graphs
  • Learn to develop applications that sort an array, traverses a linked list, constructs a binary tree etc.
  • Certified trainers
  • Structured learning
  • And many more

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If anyone really  want to pursue their career in Software Programming then Java is the best option. We at Digitize Learn have a expert faculty who will guide you from beginning to Advance course. we will also provide life-time guidance to you. All the modules comes under JAVA Programming will be get covered in the Institute. 

  • Industry application oriented.
  • Enhance employability
  • Practice tests/Quiz
  • Video-based learning for some selected topics
  • Lot of assignments in the form of class work and homework

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This course at Digitize Learn, enrich student knowledge to learn and develop visually-rich and attractive internet and mobile applications. 

Course Highlights:

  • Self-paced learning opportunity
  • Exposure to Rich Internet Application Development
  • Emphasis on coding & source code documentation standards
  • Exposure to Mobile Application Development

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Do you know? Mobile Application is becoming more prominent due to the growth of hand-held smartphones and tablets. Everything nowadays is in hand that is in smartphones. Application is available for everything on mobile phones. 

Course Highlights:

  • Self-paced learning opportunity
  • Exposure to Rich Internet Application Development (AJAX)
  • Strong foundation in Mobile Application Development using Java)
  • Emphasis on coding & source code documentation standards
  • Exposure to the J2ME platform

Interested in learning How to build a Mobile Application? Learn from our experts.


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Training Program Designed with Latest Technologies
Be an Industry Professional
Life-time guidance
Dedicated Expert Team
In-depth Teaching
Freelancing Project Guidance
Interactive Teaching
Become Eligible For Job Opportunities

Our Student say

I would really thanks to Krishna sir for giving Practical based Training.sir is the best trainer. I will rate him 10 out of 10.
Aditya Deshmukh
I got to know about Digitize Learn institute. The most interesting part was a 100% Practical Sessions and the staff is very nice
Pratik Deshmukh
I found. All topics are covered in 2 months. Good Digital Faculty with a lot of knowledge.Practical Traning
Yogesh Karad
One of the best Ethical hacking Institute in Pune. All topics are covered within duration.
Naresh Gavane

Digitize Learn is great Initiative for those who are looking for better career opportunities. We are providing all courses under one roof. Our team is here to take care of your abilities and helps you in achieving new heights. Be a part of Digitize Learn for life-time guidance and secure your future with us !

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